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Welcome to the online life casino!
In some tourist leaflets, the introduction starts with something like ‘dear visitor’ or ‘appreciated guest’. We would like to go a tat further than such a statement and that’s why we now welcome you with all pleasure in the world to our website. Feel more than welcome, and act like you are at home. Because we serve as some sort of portal (more on this topic later) to the online life casino, we also welcome you to this particular type of casino. In short; welcome to our website! As you might have deduced from the name of the domain, the web-address and the title of this section, we discuss all there is to discuss about online life casino’s. But of course there is much more to explore on our website. Like the question below.

What exactly constitutes such a casino? Before one can understand what constitutes such a casino, we need to discuss online casino’s first. An online casino is a normal casino as present in your neighborhood, but supported by software: you play in an online casino only when you are logged onto your account and installed the software on your computer. While the online casino offers great games, they sometimes also become a bit boring to people. That’s why many online casino’s offer, next to their games based on software only, games with a real life dealer. Based on video streaming these games offer a normal casino touch, just from behind your desktop.

Where dreams come to life…
Many people consider going to the casino as a night out. In commercials for normal casinos, focus is always on the great deal of fun that one can have while visiting a normal casino. A nice feeling, interesting games and of course the possibility to make some nice extra money, that’s the image these casinos would like to paint. But, and that’s how it is with most commercials, reality sucks. Most often, the casino’s are not within driving distance from your home, they have a strict entrance policy, drinks are overpriced, and you need to pay an entrance fee before you even can start to earn some nice extra cash. That’s why the image painted in commercials will to most people only remain a certain dream.

But not in online life casino’s. As mentioned before, an online life casino is a normal casino, with normal casino, based on video streaming software. This software allows for the best gaming experience available on the web. While the games on offer are pretty common (usually Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and in some cases Craps or other games), streaming the images of a real life dealer accepting real life bets, offers the dream the commercials painted; easy gaming, fair prices for the drinks (just walk to your refrigerator) and of course a reliable service; games can be played from nearly everywhere, just as long as you have an internet connection available. The true dream of online casino players.

…and money can be made!
In a way online life casino gaming is not only about making cash. It is also about a certain thrill, a thrill offered by the web’s best software solutions. While the games remain games of chance, there is always the feeling that the game develops into your direction and that your chances will turn. The ‘thrill’ is the moment the turn-around is completed and the game really develops into your direction. The extra feature added by playing with your own money, allows you to also enjoy all the benefits one can enjoy when there is an winning in an online casino at stake. Earning some extra cash is what can be done in nearly every online life casino, as long as you follow certain rules and have a bit of luck.

So, next to being the best the world wide web has to offer in terms of gaming and games of chance, online life casinos above all are places where some nice extra cash is easily and quickly available. The games available usually include common games, with easy rules, widely available betting strategies and even better chances to win some extra cash. An online life casino therefore serves a twofold purpose. On the one hand it offers a shelter to those players desperately looking for a place to play casino games and enjoy the casino as it was meant to be. On the other hand, the online life casino allows for those nice chances on extra cash where players’ world wide are so reluctantly looking for. And where is exactly the position of this website?

Our website and it’s purposes
For many reasons, our website is of added value. But let’s go a bit into more detail about our motivation and about our goals with the website. Foremost, we consider the online casino and it’s features as a way of 21st century gaming. The future is there for interactive gaming and the future can be rewritten by players that flock to an online life casino. We feel that the time is right is for online casino’s to switch to life casino’s as an extra feature that completes their portfolio of games. Our motivation is to convince you of the added value of the life casino and to present the games that can be played in the live casinos.

We thereto list the casinos which have a life casino component added to their portfolio of games. On basis of multiple criteria, we’ve selected a nice list of different casino’s and some extra features that have been included by software developers that helped to create the online casino. The decisive criteria have been the reliability of the services offered and the quality of the casino games, both the normal casino and the online life casino. We’ve completed this list of casino’s with some extra information on the games available and the tips and tricks that might help you to enjoy the games of chance of the online life casino even better. So, please enjoy all the casino has to offer.